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An Unexpected Event

Hello Friends! A nice lady by the name of Carla called me from Horizon Books in Cadillac, Michigan. “We would like to invite you to have a meet & greet,” she said. “Well… read more...

Blame it on Debra

Machete Juarez is my wife’s fault. “You didn’t have any truly evil villains in REMARKABLE,” she said to me one morning, while we sipped hot Cuban coffee, watching the sun rise… read more...

REMARKABLE was published in 2013. It is my very first novel. Not my best, I think, but an introduction to many of the characters in the following novels. Horizon Books sold out last Christmas. The good news . . .Horizon Books in Traverse City has a fresh supply, along with the 3 sequels! 800-587-2147 ... See MoreSee Less

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I grew up on a farm, without much money. The high school king-bully targeted me for reasons known only in his coward's mind. I became a boxer in college and learned that bullies are cowards dressed in the big bad wolf's clothing. Forty years of Emergency and Cardiac Care taught me that life is frail, the human spirit strong, and love powerful; then I became an author. All 4 of my novels . . . REMARKABLE, SELDOM AS THEY SEEM, NO GRAY TWILIGHTS, and FOR BETTER OR WORSE, have been on Horizon Books best selling list. The gratitude wells up inside as I work on the next novel. This poor farm boy, the bullied boy, now confident; the first person to ever attend college in my family; and now 4 best selling novels... the gratitude is spilling over. I thank you for your love and support. Thank you, Horizon Books owner Amy K. Reynolds, and manager Jill G. Beauchamp , for believing. Thank you to my wife, Debra J. Hall, for insisting that I could. Thank you to our Eternal Daddy for the inspirations. I am a fortunate fellow ... See MoreSee Less

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