It came as somewhat of a shock…

It came as somewhat of a shock. Things like bushes and shrubs die if not cared for properly. This farm boy really knew better, but the novels became a priority during the past 5 years. When the snow melted this Spring, I felt ashamed.

Dead rhododendrons and bushes I planted with pride around the pond. And a glance in the pond, now home to rotting leaves and a family of ducks, looking back at me with concern.

I have a great start on the next novel. I wrote every day while in Key West. Those who have grown to be fond of Machete Juarez are going to be thrilled.

THEY CALL ME MACHETE opens with a 7-year-old Marco Juarez living in the ghettos of Mexico City with his mother, Lilliana. His mother is a prostitute. Life is hard and tragic. Watching Marco grow and learning how he earned the name Machete makes him even more precious; we understand his mistakes and we forgive him.

I am taking a bit of a break from writing for a little while. The yard and pond are demanding attention this year. I’ll be back to writing, soon enough.

And, I’ll be thinking while working out there.

Richard Alan Hall

Richard Alan Hall’s career spanned 42 years in emergency and critical career. He is now an author, at the chronic insistence of his wife Debra. Writing “REMARKABLE” was a thrilling experience.