The Buzz About Big Bay: Robin Chmurynski-Maatman

I just finished Richard Alan Hall’s first book in the Big Bay series (Remarkable). Couldn’t put it down. I was going to read another book between that and Seldom as They Seem, but…I couldn’t!!! I know I will go right on to No Gray Twilights later today.

To all my fellow reading buds, you HAVE to read this series. I haven’t even finished it and I don’t want it to end.

My 89-year old mom wants to learn how to use my nook so she can read the first two books before she reads her copy of the last!! Believe me, that is a high compliment.

Thank you for a fantastic and “REMARKABLE” read.

–Robin Chmurynski-Maatman

Richard Alan Hall

Richard Alan Hall’s career spanned 42 years in emergency and critical career. He is now an author, at the chronic insistence of his wife Debra. Writing “REMARKABLE” was a thrilling experience.