Things happen to people.

Things happen to people. For the many years I worked in medicine, that fact was driven home over and over again. The amazing strength of the human spirit amazed me then, and the awe remains in my soul all these years later.

I have met some genuine characters over the years, too; who at first impression would be disregarded as insignificant in the big picture, but in fact were anything but insignificant with the lives that mattered in their worlds.

All these memories wander back as I sit in my Traverse City den, or in Hemingway’s gardens in Key West; or next to the Gulf Of Mexico on a bench listening to the lap…lap…lapping of the waves; and I write.

My next novel, For Better Or Worse, bears witness to the power of love that friends share, and the strength of the human spirit when faced with evil. ready to help, no matter the consequences. I love writing and bringing to life characters who will amaze you.

Be sure to mark October 15 on your calendar. That’s the launch party at Horizon Books for my new book, For Better or Worse.

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Richard Alan Hall

Richard Alan Hall’s career spanned 42 years in emergency and critical career. He is now an author, at the chronic insistence of his wife Debra. Writing “REMARKABLE” was a thrilling experience.