Writer’s Block

I have never experienced writer’s block. When I prepare for writing a new novel; I read portions of my previous novels, and sometimes think writer’s block would have spared the world the stuff I conjured up on that particular day.

The process is addicting. When in Traverse City, I retreat to “The Den,” close the door and power-up the Denon. Soon rhythmic sounds come from five speakers and rumbles from the massive sub-woofer —and I smile. I take a deep breath, smelling the smells from the century old oak desk, old upright radio and bookcase built while Abraham Lincoln was President. In Key West, I walk west to Ernest Hemingway’s home, or east to the beach. I have a favorite bench at both locations. There is one particular cat at Hemingway’s home that always finds me as I write —she sits close, purring. The lap. . . lap. . . lapping of the waves on the opposite side of the small island are just as hypnotizing; making the trip to Big Bay effortless.

In “The Den,” I listen to music, or rather, I think, feel the music as I write. While I wrote my latest novel FOR BETTER OR WORSE, I played Sugarland’s THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE. . . over and over.

I am truly excited to share this new novel with the world. My imagination never fatigued. There are scenes that brought tears to my cheeks and times I wanted to lock the doors and load the shotgun. The relationships these characters share amaze me. They are my friends.

Dean Robb, a well-known civil rights attorney and author, wrote a review for my new novel. It starts, “Do not take this book to bed if you plan on sleeping. . . “

When I walk into a bookstore and wander the aisles, what impresses me are the thousands of authors in this world. The fact is, no one will read even a great book if they do not know it exists. I am grateful to Amy Reynolds, owner of Horizon Books, and Jill Beauchamp, Horizon manager; for believing from the beginning. I am in awe of my publicist, Jill Tewsley. And, none of this would have ever happened, if my wife had not insisted and I finally listened.

FOR BETTER OR WORSE is a story of love and horror . . . a true picture of the battle between good and evil. Human trafficking and the drug business, both illicit and legitimate; politics, both local and international, are all woven into a plot that would wake me up in the middle of the night. Stanley, Quinn O’Malley, Richard Elmore Fortin, Debra and Katie, and the True Believers come through once again, or at least we think so.

No writer’s block, again.

Richard Alan Hall

Richard Alan Hall’s career spanned 42 years in emergency and critical career. He is now an author, at the chronic insistence of his wife Debra. Writing “REMARKABLE” was a thrilling experience.