The Buzz About Big Bay: Barbara A. Ely

In the first book (Remarkable) you get to know all of the characters. This book was very personal for me — the places, things that happened and the military. There were like pieces of my life. I just could not put it down.

In book two (Seldom as They Seem), you nailed it! The bond military brothers have is unbreakable. I’m in total awe of how you show what love truly is. Such a gift!

Book three (No Gray Twilights) —Yes!!! It was all that binds true love, friendship and unconditional caring for people around you. I am a true believer that God sends you friends for a reason.

I am already excited for book four! These characters are friends and I want to see what is happening with them!

I am always leery reading a new author. But you my friend hit it out of the park. Such talent! You are in a league, all of your own. Brilliant!

—Barbara A. Ely

Richard Alan Hall

Richard Alan Hall’s career spanned 42 years in emergency and critical career. He is now an author, at the chronic insistence of his wife Debra. Writing “REMARKABLE” was a thrilling experience.